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Frome Canoe Club takes a first and three promotions

Frome Canoe Club in action

The epic event lasted two days on the River Frome.

Competitors came from all over the South West, Midlands and Wales to participate in the two day national canoe slalom event on the River Frome at Rode over the 6/7th June. 

With over 200 entries spread over the two days it was the club’s biggest event ever. Frome Canoe Club was well represented with club members racing in all the kayak classes of the competition.

Jos Maxey took the J12 prize on Saturday and was promoted to Division 3. Jack Kimber, one of the youngest club members ever to compete, took the J8 prize on both days. On Sunday Katie Hobbs gained First in K1 Womens Division 4 race and was promoted to Division 3. Also promoted on Sunday was Jacob Lines who came third in his class.

Event organiser, John Kent said, “The event was a huge success and we had stiff competition from the other clubs taking part, making it an exciting and challenging day for the Frome team. Good weather always helps and the friendly and relaxed atmosphere that we foster, encourages beginners to get the most out of the event.

“I was really pleased to see so many young people from Frome Canoe Club entering. In that respect it was our most successful year so far and the smiling faces told many individual stories.

“The club would like to thank in particular the local farmer, Richard Arney, for the use of the site which has a short section of gentle rapids for the paddlers to navigate.”

Canoe slalom is an Olympic event and is a test of the paddlers’ skill as they negotiate a set course through a series of ‘gates’ while descending waves and rapids.

Course designer and club coach Ben Nicol said, “Slalom is great fun, but also a real challenge. This year the course I designed was well suited to those taking part but by no means was it easy!

“The next national canoe slalom we organise is on Sunday 12th July at Market Yard in Frome and members of the public are welcome to spectate.”

Frome Canoe Club welcomes all and will help members to participate in events like this as well as other canoeing disciplines. For more information visit