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Probus Club country walks

Frome Probus is a local social group for retired professional and business men.

It offers a number of not too strenuous activities for its members, including their wives and partners.

Once a month country walks are organised, about four miles and ending in a convivial lunch at a pub.  Mind, they sometimes have some excitement, as in this photo when they encountered bullocks, which are actually safe but look a bit worrying.  Most of the walkers were slightly wary, but one of them chanced a closer encounter.

Nevertheless, Mel Noller, the walks organiser, called it, “A wary encounter between some of the Frome Probus walking group and fellow beasts of the countryside!”

Frome Probus currently has room for a few more members.  Their website is and men who might like to join can reach them using the website’s contact form.

John Hedges Press Officer