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Praise for Frome from Green Party leader

Natalie Bennet, leader of the Green Party and Frome locals.

Natalie Bennet, leader of the Green Party and Frome locals.

GREEN Party leader Natalie Bennett visited Frome last week, when over 200 people turned out to hear her speak at the Cheese and Grain.

Amongst some 220 people who attended was 95- year-old Amyan Macfadyen – father of recent ex-mayor Peter – and an early member of both the  People Party and Ecology Party; the predecessors of the Green Party.

“At a meeting chaired by Green District Councillor Shane Collins, Natalie Bennett expressed her strong opposition to the Government’s new Austerity measures; in particular, proposals to cut Child Tax Credits for families with more than two children, which she said will increase child poverty in Britain,” said local Green Party member, Juliet Solomon.

“She praised local projects for developing renewable power generation in Somerton and Frome and criticised the current government’s planned cuts in support for solar and wind technologies. And she said she believed the technology could bring huge economic and jobs benefits to rural communities and replace the ‘White Elephant’ of the Hinkley C nuclear project.

“Earlier, the party leader met with Frome Town Council staff and visited the medical centre where  Frome Renewable Energy Co-op (FRECO) have begun installing their first solar power generation site.

“She also met supporters of the Rode 267 campaign against bus cuts, and pledged continuing Green Party support for a fully restored and funded public transport system.

“The meeting then closed with Theo Simon thanking Natalie for remaining strong and unflustered under the immense pressure and unforgiving media spotlight of May’s national election campaign.

“The Green Party gained a lot of publicity in this year’s general election, after seeing a huge surge in support across the country.”

District councillors Shane Collins, Stina Falle, and Des Harris – all representing Frome – made history in this year’s elections when they were the first Green Party candidates to be elected onto Mendip District Council, giving the party their first real foothold in the area.