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Sponsored cycle to Chateau Gontier

A retired Selwood School teacher is to cycle to Frome’s twin Chateau Gontier in an attempt to raise money for the next phase of the Frome to Radstock off-road cycle path.

The path already exists between Great Elm and Radstock and money is needed for  the next phase of work to open up a section between Low Water, Frome towards Great Elm. The full link will then be almost complete.

Frome residents are required to raise £20,000 to demonstrate local interest in the project. When this is achieved Cycling Charity Sustrans will make the sum up to £200,000.

Bob Beacham, the teacher involved in the sponsored event is to set off in early September and hopes to complete the ride in a week or so.

Bob said, “I know there are many worthy charities in Frome competing for finite amounts of money, but I’m asking people to sponsor me on this one because of the fantastic offer from Sustrans. In effect, every £5 donated is actually worth £50 to the Missing Links project and this is too good an offer to let pass. So please sponsor me by visiting  www.just

“Please don’t be put off by the suggested amounts on this page. I didn’t set them. You give as much or as little as you wish and that, of course, includes nothing.  I should also point out that I shall be attempting this geriatric jaunt entirely unencumbered by Lycra. I am a Lycra free area. I’ve never worn any yet and am not about to start now.

“This is a very good cause. The path is not just for cyclists. walkers, dogs, even horses in some sections are welcome and when finished it will open up a traffic free path from Frome Market Place through glorious countryside to Radstock (you can always come home on the bus!) and, actually, all the way into Bath through the newly opened Midford tunnels. Please donate!”