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Free Wheelers visits Frome Rotary

FROME Rotary Club were recently paid a visit by the Somerset Free Wheelers medical courier service.

A Rotary spokesperson said, “This interesting talk explained how the Somerset Free Wheelers are part of a nationwide service manned by volunteers.

“They provide a service during hours when the NHS courier service is not available.  NHS hours are 9am to 5pm weekdays only so the Free Wheelers are often on the road during the night and at weekends.

“The Somerset team have 80 volunteers and eight high powered bikes which are maintained by Avon Police along with their own bike fleet.  All bikers must pass the advanced motorists test and are reevaluated every two years.

“They transport things such as blood samples, medicines and equipment., and made over 3,000 journeys last year.  The Frome rotary Club found the dedication of these vital volunteers inspiring and impressive.”