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Appeal hearing for wind turbines near Nunney

ANappeal hearing is under way in a developer’s final bid to build four wind turbines on land near Nunney. 

The controversial application, made by Aggregate Industries in May 2013, was rejected by Mendip District Council in April 2014 amid concerns that the development would harm the area’s heritage and landscape.

Mendip’s decision echoed the results of their consultation; of the district council’s 252 registered comments, approximately 230 objected to the proposal.

Aggregate Industries  lodged an appeal against the decision in November 2014. The appeal hearing began last Wednesday, 2nd September, and is expected to end this Friday 11th September. A decision will then be made by the Secretary of State on whether to overturn Mendip’s refusal.

Proposed for land next to Torr Works Quarry, approximately 1.5 miles to the west of Nunney, the application is for four wind turbines which could stand up to 80m tall. Associated infrastructure including vehicle access, transformers and a substation would also be included. The development could be operational for up to 25 years.

To see details of the application, appeal or comments, enter reference 2013/1244 in the planning search at