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Fight to save church yard tree goes on


The Copper Beech tree

The Copper Beech tree

THE future of a copper beech tree in the grounds of St John The Baptist Church is still  under threat but residents are urging people to continue to voice their objections.

Mendip District Council is responsible for the maintenance of the churchyard and during the course of a inspection of the tree in 2014, the council’s tree manager became concerned about the condition of the tree.

Consequently, Mendip District Council made the decision that to fell the tree was the only option available. However, an arboricultural report was compiled to find out the exact state the tree was in and despite it being hollow and diseased, consultants, Atworth Arboricultural Ltd, said it was worth re-assessing its condition in a year’s time.

Many people reacted to the proposals with strong objection. One person wrote to the council, “This tree is of historic importance to the town of Frome. It would be an absolute tragedy if this tree was felled without trying to save first. Please Mendip District Council, think hard before making the decision to destroy as it truly is worth saving.”

Another wrote, “This mature tree is a very fine example and could easily be preserved rather than felled. The report from Atworth Arboriculture which you yourselves commissioned, recommends doing nothing other than inspecting the tree in a year’s time from the original inspection. Where is the subsequent report? What has changed? Please do not fell this tree, we have lost too many in the town centre already.”

One resident got in touch with the Frome Times  to express his dismay regarding the potential felling of the tree. He said, “The campaign by Mendip District Council is misleading and inaccurate. No immediate work is necessary and this has been said by various tree experts.

“The council must provide the information and reasoning behind their decision. The evidence is weak and not scientific.

“I’m asking for those who are still concerned to write to the Bath and Wells Diocese to object to the felling of the tree.”

In a statement from Mendip District Council about the future of the tree, it said, “We continue to monitor the condition of the tree and its structural integrity.”

If you would like to object to the proposed plans, write to the Diocesan Registrar, 14 Market Place, Wells. BA5 2RE