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FROME Bridge Club is re-inventing itself by offering new classes starting in October. It always welcomes new players, beginners or experienced – so why not give it go.

In the 1980s, Frome Bridge Club was a thriving organization, running three nights a week and with about 60 members.  Since then it has declined steadily, until by 2013 the membership was no more than 24, and it met only once a week.  Without some action it was simply going to disappear.

Marianne Lewin, club captain at Frome Bridge Club said, “After looking at other clubs with similar problems, John Perry our club secretary and myself decided that the best way to revive the club was to offer teaching lessons during the daytime.

“Although we think that bridge has a lot to offer young people as well as those of us who have retired, we had to recognize that the majority of our supporters were going to be those with time on their hands during the day.

“As a result, two years ago, Frome Bridge Club ran a series of teaching classes both for those who’d never played bridge, and wanted to learn, and for those who knew the basics, but wanted to improve. We feel that these were a success, and now we’d like to do some more teaching.

“Over 40 people have attended our Thursday morning classes and many of them have now joined the Monday evening bridge club.  The result has been that our membership has more than doubled, and the most important thing has been the level of enjoyment everyone has experienced.

“We’re sure  that there are other people living in or around Frome who would like to either learn the basics or improve, so we’re proposing to run a new series of classes, starting early in October, for beginners and improvers, and add a third class for those of you who are good bridge players but would like to get even better.

“You don’t need to have a partner to come to these, although of course you’re welcome to come as a partnership. The classes will be held weekly, on Thursday mornings, and for those who already know the basics there will be hands to play after the lessons.  Monday evening duplicate bridge starts at 7.00 p.m.  All the bridge is held in Wesley Church in Frome.”