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SHARE – ‘a library of things’ goes from strength to strength

Frome’s very own Library of Things ‘SHARE’ has been moving apace. The project, a collaboration between edventure:Frome and Frome Town Council, works much like the normal library but you can borrow things instead of books. 

They have a large catalogue of tools, camping gear, kitchen appliances and children’s toys available for loan. You can see what they have either in shop on The Bridge or online at

Since opening its doors in May over 250 people have joined and started borrowing. Frome resident Chris Stewart says “SHARE is great. I borrowed a hedge trimmer the other day, it was really useful as I don’t have space to have one of my own!”

In the next month they will be launching more membership packages with a variety of perks such as extra borrowing, free tea and free workshops.

Over the last month SHARE has begun hosting skill sharing workshops. Throughout August Frome Textiles Workshop took residency,  demonstrating and teaching a variety of weaving techniques. They have donated some equipment to the shop for all those inspired to try a hand at weaving.

Organiser Ben Smith says, “The project was exciting because it brought together people who wouldn’t necessarily spend time together otherwise. Each week a new group formed with a new dynamic and new conversations. It was like having a micro community just for the day.”

Due to the success of the textiles workshop, every Thursday SHARE will be running Create at SHARE, an open make space where anyone can drop in to learn and share craft skills. From watercolour to crochet, between 12.00noon-6.00pm everyone is invited to have a cup of tea and create.