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Step in stone – art fused with the wonders of natural landscape

The excitement and momentum of ‘step in stone’ is building up to a crescendo with its third and final step, which will embrace three more venues to make up the final six.   

Part of Somerset Art Works Festival 2015 and Momentum programme, step 3 launches on 3rd October to include Black Swan Arts, Frome Museum and the magical Fairy Cave Quarry.

The theme for Somerset Art Works Festival 2015 is ‘Momentum’; ‘step in stone’ echoes this theme, gathering momentum at each step. The three extra venues will add a fresh impetus, with all 14 diverse artists showing together for the first time in the project, to create dynamic indoor exhibitions and an extraordinary experience at Fairy Cave Quarry, with work ranging from the intimate to the extravagant.

A totally free experience, with free apps, free night walk, free live performance, poetry spoken from the rock faces, culture, science and arts collaborating, it will be something really different.

Special performances and events will include Frome-based Artmusic’s ‘Echo’ sculpture and sound installation at Fairy Cave Quarry (3-18 Oct, weekends, 11-4).  This will be animated by live performances of Artmusic’s Blast (Sats 3, 10, 17 Oct, 2-3pm); with specially composed trumpet music being played from locations to echo around the quarry.

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