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A sweet deal for boys’ business project

A GROUP of local lads are running a competition to raise money for a school residential trip to Hadrian’s Wall next year. 

Twin brothers Vinnie and Frankie Milsom, 11, have teamed up with their friends, Jack Seal and Lennon Cotterill, to run a competition at Forest Road chip shop Codswallop.

The lads will be asking people to pay £1 to guess how many sweets are in a jar, with the closest answer winning the jar. They will hope to raise £50 towards the cost of their trip with the Steiner Academy next May.

The twins’ mother Tammi said, “I’m very proud that they used their own initiative to come up with the idea; they were daunted by the task when told they had to do it.

“My husband is a businessman so I believe it’s good to teach the boys the value of money, and to encourage them to earn their way onto the trip next year.

“Walking Hadrian’s Wall will be a big challenge for 11 year-olds, but they’re very active so I think they’ll enjoy it.”

The competition will be used as part of a maths and business project the boys are doing at school.