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Issy Hughes – The FromeFM Teen Sensation

Issy Hughes is one of FromeFM’s best examples of how young people can get involved in radio.

At only 16, Issy presents the hugely popular Mod Radio Show. Dave Watkins chatted to Issy about her life in radio.

She said, “I started by building a little online show on a website called Spreaker when I was 13 and I’d just play the music I liked and talk about my day to day life. It was just a thing I’d do when I found the time  but now I’m on once a fortnight!

“The Who, were my first band I ‘fell in love with’ and were the reason I got started.  My first shows were so funny! Sometimes I’ll listen back and I cringe the entire time, the music has really progressed so much which I find really fascinating.”

Issy has interviewed several well-known names. How does she get them on her show? She explained, “I ask the record labels the artists are with, or sometimes I just ask them directly. I’m always so star struck when I’m actually doing the interview, I’m shaking. I get so nervous!”

And who has been her favourite? She replied, “Cor that’s a hard one! Horace Panter has been a supporter of my show since the very beginning and he gave me my very first interview which I really value. He’s actually become a good friend! Shaun Ryder was hilarious and John Robb was so cool he should live in a fridge. My dream interview is Mark E. Smith because he’s so fascinating and I’m such a big Fall fan.”

What does the future hold for Issy Hughes? She said, “Radio is definitely what I want to do. I’ll do anything to one day have a show on BBC Radio 6 Music. At the moment, FromeFM is perfect because it offers support and help from fellow presenters and technicians.”

What would Issy say to any young person who has been thinking of starting their own radio show? She answered, “Before you start doing a show, make sure you know your topic! Then just be yourself really! I’d really recommend joining a community station as it’s fun and I love being part of such a well-built radio station!”

Issy has been invited to visit the Radio 6 studios in December and has been offered a radio apprenticeship with SOHO Radio in London.  Her show just goes from strength to strength!

To hear the Mod Radio Show on FromeFM, tune in on 96.6fm or online every other Monday evening from 7.00pm to 8.00pm.

By Dave Watkins