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New Savers’ Club at Frome College

Frome College Savers Club is now up and running in partnership with Mendip Community Credit Union.  

Students can open a savings account at college then pay into it on Tuesday lunchtimes or after school in the Media Arts Centre.  They will receive interest on their savings through a dividend payment.

This is part of the college’s ongoing personal finance education to encourage students to be responsible with their money.

The Savers Club will be run by students as part of the Frome College Enterprise Club. This gives students a further opportunity to gain work experience to help with their ‘Next Steps’. New members are always welcome.

The Mendip Community Credit Union is regulated by the Financial Service Compensation Service which offers the same safeguards and protection as all other banks and building societies.

If you would like more information please contact Rose Hiron-Grimes, Enterprise coordinator on   or visit the Credit Union website at