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Grant takes TV Simon’s wildlife project into classrooms

A Somerset charity founded by renowned wildlife cameraman and presenter Simon King to connect children with nature,  has been awarded an £11,920 grant by national education charity the Ernest Cook Trust.

The Simon King Wildlife Project has transformed a 10-acre patch of overworked farmland near Frome into a diverse wildlife haven, fitted with webcams which stream images of wildlife to his website as an educational resource. The grant will help take this resource into the classroom, creating new lesson plans and supporting materials for teachers in a range of subjects, such as science, IT, literacy, geography and citizenship.

A project spokeswoman said, “Simon’s experience and expertise in making engaging films and interactive media will be harnessed to inspire pupils to see how nature fits into all aspects of their lives.  There is much evidence to suggest that connection to nature leads to increased wellbeing, behaviour and indeed, educational results.”

The grant donor, Ernest Cook Trust, is one of the UK’s leading educational charities, and is rooted in the conservation and management of the countryside. It owns and manages 22,000 acres of landed estates across five counties in England.

ECT actively encourages children and young people to learn from the land through hands-on educational opportunities on its estates and by giving grants. Each year its Trustees distribute £1.8m to a range of education initiatives.

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