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Homage to Fromage at The Wheatsheaves

HOMAGE to Fromage is a new event to get your feet dancing.

Lark Porter at Frome’s Venue @ The Wheatsheaves give the low down.

“Sick of being back at work already? Had enough of acting extra mature? Bored of sitting Stilton at your desk all day? Feel like your brain is melting away? So do what you Gouda do, book a baby bell sitter and come and have some Edam fun at ‘Homage to the Fromage’ on Friday 15th January.

“A night of prize winning cheesy tunes played by the best dj’s in cathedral City. It’s going to be enough to get even the stinkiest bishop on to the dance floor. You’d Brie mad to miss it, people will be travelling all the way from Red Leicester for this one so Camembert get your dancing shoes on, come and say halloumi and we’ll see you on 15th at the Wheatsheaves.

“Open from 6.00pm. Three Squid before 11.00pm – Five after. Doors close at midnight. “