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Council plans big push for sports facilities

OVER £160,000 could be invested in local sport following a decision by Frome Town Council to improve sport and leisure facilities in the town.

At a meeting in December, councillors agreed to move forward on exciting proposals from the council’s sport and leisure panel aimed at getting local people more active.

The council hopes to invest over £40,000 on building and repairing facilities in the town with plans for improved footpaths, a new network of cycle paths; new outdoor fitness equipment at the Old Showfield, and a full size football pitch at the rugby club.

The council also plans to start sports taster sessions, hold a sports forum with local clubs and schools; and has agreed to look into the possibility of buying the land behind the youth centre on Vallis Road. The land is currently owned by Somerset County Council and could cost £125,000.

Town councillor and panel member Peter Macfadyen said, “We are very excited at the level of engagement and participation there was in this panel and look forward to working with sports minded people, as this is key in developing both health and wellbeing.

“This has been an area that the town council has failed to get to grips with over the past four years, but it is an important role. What has been really brilliant in recent discussions is the representation from so many clubs across the town, some of which haven’t worked together before.

“It’s important for the town council to help clubs co-operate for the benefit of local people, and to support them with funding. We’re aiming to ensure nearly all the recommendations of the panel are addressed as soon as possible.”

The town council has adopted 13 proposals intended to take place over the course of the next three years. In 2016 local people can expect to see improved footpaths in open spaces, a new network of cycle paths, sports taster sessions, outdoor fitness equipment installed at the Old Showfield, and plans to build a full size football pitch at the rugby club.

Many of the schemes will be rolled out in partnership with other groups or companies such as Fusion Lifestyle, Somerset Activity & Sports Partnership, and Frome Recreation and Open Ground Supporters.

The panel also consulted with over 60 groups, schools and clubs in the area and produced a ‘wishlist’ which includes full-size football, hockey and netball facilities, a larger swimming pool and an archery range.

The hopes for improved sport and leisure access in the town come as Fusion Lifestyle is overseeing a £2million revamp of the Frome Leisure Centre, which is expected to reopen in March.

Full details of the panel’s recommendations can be read online at