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Friend of the River and FromeFM

Dorothy-Anne Bryant is a member of FromeFM and adores rivers.

When she moved to Frome on her retirement eight years ago, she was thrilled to find a river flowing through the town and some years ago she achieved her ambition to go swimming in the River Frome.

Dorothy-Anne said, “Our first winter in Frome we walked from the River Frome’s source in Witham Friary to its confluence with the Avon at Freshford. In the spring I joined the committee of Friends of the River Frome, an organisation that has been caring for the river for over 10 years. I wanted to know something of the history and ecology and I decided to interview long-standing River Friends and other knowledgeable people.”

Dorothy-Anne’s husband, Andrew, suggested that she record the interviews for FromeFM, the local community radio station. She said, “I found myself with voice recorder and guest walking the banks of the river. My son composed and played some theme music, ‘River Meandering’ for the 15 minute show.

“Soon I had to develop editing skills and the walks began to include churches, Frome history, and anything else I fancied. The programme morphed into a half hour called ‘Meandering’ which BBC Somerset has also aired regularly as part of their Community Radio Show.”

Dorothy-Anne’s meanderings through Frome can be heard any time on the FromeFM website: