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Frome Carnival urgently needs volunteers

Frome carnival needs volunteers

Frome carnival needs volunteers

THIS year’s carnival could be in jeopardy if the number of volunteers doesn’t increase very soon. 

A carnival has been run in Frome since 1929 and is much loved and well attended by thousands. However, its future is under threat because there aren’t enough volunteers to help with its running.

Carnival chairman June Barnes said, “We really are in desperate need for people to help with all aspects of the carnival.

“We’ve had a lot of members move away or sadly die, so we need people to step in and help us keep the carnival going.

“If the carnival stops, then so does the charity and that would be terrible as it supports so many people in the town.

“We need marshals and event organisers, but also we really need a treasurer and have done for some time. It’s not very hard and is only for the carnival, as the charity has its own treasurer.

“If people want to see the carnival continue, we really need more bodies! Please, support your local community and give us a hand because the carnival is run by the people and is for the people. Without you, it can’t happen.”

If you want to get involved and help, call June on 01373 461 625.