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South Parade Club to keep its licence following council investigation

South Parade Club Frome

South Parade Club Frome

THE South Parade Club in Frome will not have its licence revoked, having met the requirements of Mendip District Council.

Mendip District Council suspended the South Parade Club’s licence late last year following complaints by local residents that the club had  failed to comply with the terms of its licence.

The council gave the club one month to make improvements to the operation of the venue. Mendip District Council is now satisfied with the way the club is being operated.

Chairman of the South Parade Club, June Barnes said, “We are very pleased with the decision and we would like to thank the local people for their support. We look forward to having a good relationship with the residents and hope they come along to the club and support it.”

Mendip District Council released the following statement, “The council dealt with a review application from local residents in September 2015 for the Frome and District Club otherwise known as the South Parade Club. The licensing sub–committee took the concerns of residents very seriously and in its decision sought to require the club to make a number of improvements to the management and operation of the venue. To this end, they suspended the club’s licence for one month to ensure the club met these requirements.

“The club appealed to the Magistrates’ Court against the decision, so it was stayed until that process was complete. In the meantime, the club and their legal representative have worked with council officers to meet the council’s requirements. They have improved their policies and procedures on: staff training, use of door staff, dispersal of customers at closing time and the procedure under which the club will deal with residents’ complaints and concerns in future.  In this way, the concerns of the sub-committee have been directly addressed without the need for a formal hearing in court.

“After significant efforts, the council is now satisfied in principle that the concerns of the sub–committee will be met in full. The club have now withdrawn their appeal and in view of the significant improvements which have been secured in the policies under which the club is operated, there is now no practical need for the suspension of the licence to be enforced. The original sub–committee decided that a suspension was necessary for the club to make the required improvements.”

• The club has a few fundraising events coming up. Bingo will take place every other Wednesday from 10th February. Quiz sheets are now available from £1 and there will be an evening of music in March. Details to follow.”