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We did it!- World RECORD CHALLENGE success

©David Chedgy Photography_Rachel Clark with her Brothers Daniel & Matthew plus team mates and helpers from the Why We Hear You Cancer Counselling Team

THE Frome community are record-breakers yet again, smashing the Guinness World Record for  the highest number of players in a continuous eight-hour game of skittles. 

The previous record stood at 468 people, but at the world record event held on Sunday 2nd June, 593 skittle players took part. Currently the world record has ‘unofficial’ status, as it awaits verification from Guinness.

The event was organised by local police sergeant and Frome Times Person of the Year 2018, Rachel Clark and her brothers, Matthew and Daniel, to raise money for local charity We Hear You (WHY).  Early reports indicate that ‘hundreds of pounds’ have been raised for the charity.

This is the second year in a row ‘Team Clark’ have led Frome to victory. Last year, Frome broke the record for the most amount of people to row 500m each, in a 24-hour relay on one indoor rowing machine.

“Thanks to my incredible crew and the wonderful people of Frome and surrounds we’ve bagged ourselves a second World Record and raised hundreds of pounds for WHY,” said Rachel. “Our unofficial total was 593 skittle players, smashing the previous world record by a country mile! Rain did not stop play.

“Thank you to Tabitha Clayson and her Independent Market team for hosting us once again, Nunney community association for the skittle alley, DB Max for our huge clock, Red Goat productions for our camera footage, Frome Town Council for the much needed giant gazebo and our stewards and witnesses who yet again made it happen. 

“The strength and support from this community astounds me year in year out! Thank you one and all.”

A spokesperson from WHY added, “We’re so delighted for Rachel and her team – not only have they (hopefully) smashed ANOTHER world record, yet again they brought a huge number of people together with a shared purpose and amazing community spirit – even the less than ideal weather didn’t spoil the mood! 

“Thanks so much to everyone who came, whether as a player, steward, sticker upper, mopper of the rain-soaked skittles alley, official witness, bucket collector and compere, or if you just cheered people on and dropped money in a WHY collection bucket – you were all part of something amazing. 

“We’re confident that a fantastic amount has been raised to help us provide counselling for people coping with the impact of cancer or a life threatening condition and we’re so thankful for all the support we get from Team Clark.”

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