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Frome Dogs Take Part in Study

How Physiotherapy Helps Dogs with Osteoarthritis – Results Distributed at Crufts 2020 & Awarded a Prize!

DOGS from Frome took part in a recent study to help demonstrate how Animal/Veterinary Physiotherapy helps dogs with osteoarthritis.  The research was carried out by Frome based Harriet Kitcat, Founder PhysioMyDog. 

PhysioMyDog research at Crufts

Harriet explained: “Age isn’t a disease.  I’m passionate about educating and empowering owners on ways they can help their dogs have a good quality of life, especially if they are managing an ongoing condition such as arthritis.

I was so happy to see how every dog benefitted from their physiotherapy sessions.  Some dogs saw over 30% improvement in their movement.  And reduction of heart rate of up to 25% showing how the dogs’ wellbeing benefitted.

Owners were asked to grade their dogs before and after sessions and all of them noticed positive changes.  Typically, the dogs were more playful, getting up and moving around more, had more energy and wanting to sleep less.  The owners were happier and so were the dogs!”

The results of this study were distributed at Crufts and Harriet was awarded a prize for her efforts.

Harriet changed her career and became an Animal/Veterinary Physiotherapist originally to help my own dog who needed rehabilitation after surgery.  “I know how much owners love their dogs and want to help them but not sure how.”

Therapies such as physiotherapy, combined with weight control, diet, exercise management, adjustments within the home can all help.  It’s a team effort with the owner, vets and therapists working together, as well as anyone else involved on a day to day basis with the dog.

If you’d like to know how physiotherapy could help your dog, Harriet offers a free telephone consultation if you’d like further information before making an appointment.  Harriet treats dogs in their own homes, or owners can take their dogs to PhysioMyDog.  There is also lots of information on including more information on her study.

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