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Frome Housing Needs Survey goes live – get involved and help shape the future of housing in our town

HOW much do we really know about the housing situation in Frome? 

Fair Housing for Frome explain, “We know that property prices are very high and possibly still rising and we also know that rental costs have gone through the roof, in fact rental properties are now really hard to find with people searching for months to find something at a price they can afford. One big factor is the lack of social housing being built in Frome, it’s an ongoing issue. 

“At Fair Housing for Frome we hear some familiar comments when people in need talk about getting housed, ‘I’ve got no chance’, ‘What’s the point I will be so far down the list’, ‘They only help homeless’, ‘There are no houses available.’

“These are just some of the reasons for people not registering for a home on Homefinder Somerset and we fully understand the sentiment. With so many people on the housing register, over 500 registered for Frome alone, many people both young and old feel that their circumstances are not dire enough to be taken seriously when it comes to wanting social housing. 

“The District Council do triage applicants so it is fair say to that anyone who is currently housed in some way may be a fair way down the list and as such it may take a long while.

“The lack of housing stock is something that desperately needs addressing but to just say ‘we need to build more houses’ is not necessarily the solution. It ticks a few boxes in terms of the government’s statistics but doesn’t really address the issues in any one area. 

“In Frome we need to understand what type of homes are required for young and old, not just now but going forward for the next 5 or 10 years. This is why it is so important that everyone participates in the Housing Needs Survey which launches on 7th June. 

“The results of this will help to shape the future of housing in the town for years to come and will provide hard data for councils and developers outlining the number and type of homes required but we need your help.

“We need as many people as possible to fill in the survey, those living here and those that may have been forced away. If you know someone who has had to move out of Frome because they couldn’t find somewhere to live please get them to complete the survey. 

“If you think you may need to move in a few years time complete the survey. If you have sons and daughters who may wish to start out on their own in a few years , get them to complete the survey. We need the Frome community to help us establish the true housing situation in our town.

“Only by hearing from as many people as possible will we be able to make changes to the current situation. 

“The Housing Needs Survey is backed by Mendip District Council, Frome Town Council, Fair Housing for Frome and Frome Area Community Land Trust so the results will get to the right people enabling accurate information to be seen by those who have influence.

“Along with this issue of  Frome Times you will find a little leaflet telling you how to get involved and how to complete the survey online. You can also get a link from the website https://fair     or go straight to the survey at 

“For those who can’t get online or would rather complete the survey with a paper copy, Fair Housing for Frome and a group of volunteers will be on hand during the Wednesday and Saturday markets in Frome as well as at various locations around the town between the 9th and 26th June. Paper copies can also be requested via email or by phone on 01373 800360 so there are plenty of options to join this town-wide effort to make a real difference and set the future of housing in Frome.”

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