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Please help Active and In Touch to continue supporting those who are lonely and isolated

AS you have been walking round and about in Frome, you may have noticed a number of Active and In Touch plaques on display.   

The group explains, “Since the beginning of 2021, these have been awarded by Active in Touch to various businesses and organisations as a token of appreciation for their support of the work undertaken over the last ten years by the charity to help combat isolation and loneliness in Frome and the surrounding villages.   

“The production of the plaques, as well as car stickers and coasters, was funded by the Great Western Railway.  Joe Graham, Business Assurance Director and GWR Director responsible for community and Nicole Black, Community Rail Partnership Relationship Manager GWR are the guiding lights behind a very generous donation amounting to just under £6,000.   

“This arose from the decision made in 2020 when GWR changed its business strategy in the light of both the impact of Covid-19 and the recognition that supporting the recovery of local communities would be important for GWR’s future.   

“Consequently, they identified their support for, and the importance of, building community cohesion and the need to address loneliness. Their views in this area led them to a positive relationship with A&IT.  This has not only been a great encouragement, but also coincided with the aims of the Beatrice Laing Trust which also specifically supported A&IT’s vision to focus upon and increase local funding. 

“Do you work for a business/organisation/community group which would like to help A&IT continue the work which it has been undertaking locally for a decade and for which it has been awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Services, an honour equivalent to the M.B.E?   

“If so, then please commit to an ongoing and regular donation of £2 (or more) per week to Active and In Touch.  This will allow for and protect future planning thus bringing support to more people of all ages who find themselves, for whatever reasons, to be lonely or isolated.   

“Individuals and families too might wish to become supporters via a weekly donation of £1 (or more).  In each case, a perspex A&IT plaque will be given for display to demonstrate your commitment to this very good cause.” 

For more information about regular giving and / or becoming an A&IT volunteer, please contact 

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