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Record breakers!

FROME is home to another Guinness World Record after smashing the record for the  highest number of players in a continuous eight-hour game of skittles. 

The previous record stood at 468 people, but at the world record event held on Sunday 5th September, 671 skittles players helped to roll the town to victory.

Currently the world record has ‘unofficial’ status, as it awaits official verification from Guinness.

The event was organised by local police sergeant and fundraiser, Rachel Clark, to raise money for local charity We Hear You (WHY); a total of £1,700 has been raised for the charity.

Rachel said, “What a phenomenal day! It was fantastic to be back together again, smashing a world record and raising money for WHY under the sunny blue skies with wonderful people!

“We weren’t sure people would come out in the numbers we saw in 2018 and 2019 after a tough year and a half, but you came, you skittled and (pending official verification), you conquered!

“None of my fundraising could happen without the amazing people behind the scenes; thank you to the Frome Independent for having us, Frome Town Council for the equipment loan, Nunney Community Association for the skittle alley, my dad for sourcing our hay bales, the brilliant Rob from Site Eye for the vital video evidence, CH Contracting for the barriers, and everyone who donated their own time to steward, officially witness, stick up and be part of our awesome ground crew on the day.”

WHY’s fundraising and communications manager Gemma Wilkes added, “Rachel has done it again – we’ve never known anyone with such drive and determination and so many ideas!

“She’s an inspiration and that shows in the huge and dedicated team that has grown around her. As well as raising a huge amount of money for our small charity, Rachel’s contribution to raising our profile and helping people who need support to find us is immeasurable. All Rachel’s fundraising is in memory of her mum, Shirley, and we’re sure she’d be very proud.”

The final question is will Rachel complete a hat trick of community world records? Rachel told us, “Only time will tell!”

This is the second world record set by ‘Team Clark’ – in 2018, the team broke the Guinness World record for the most participants in a 24-hour rowathon, with 678 participants.

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