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Be a climate hero! Frome mums take action on climate crisis

A GROUP of mums in Frome have launched a ‘heroic’ crusade to raise awareness of the climate crisis. 

Mayor Andy Wrintmore at the Frome Families for the Future event.

Formed to coincide with the United Nations’ Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26, the new group called Frome Families for the Future, ran family friendly activities on a stall in the town centre earlier this month. 

­­Local artist and illustrator, Louise Boulter, created an interactive display for families to pose as climate Superheroes to celebrate the positive actions that families and individuals have taken, such as moving to a more ethical bank account or walking to school rather than driving.  

“This is the last decade the world has to take action to try and avoid the worst impacts of the climate crisis: extreme ‘natural’ disasters, sea level rise, and unimaginable loss of life,” said Georgina Kirby, a local mum-of-two in Frome. “A group of us wanted to do something to engage with local people about climate justice in a fun way, and to put pressure on decision-makers too – we are all doing our bit, but the government is currently talking the talk, but not walking the walk, when it comes to taking action on climate breakdown.” 

Another local mum, Claire McKenna said, “It has been so positive to come together as a group of local mums to share our worries about climate breakdown and what we can do about it. It can all feel so scary and I think climate anxiety is a real problem now – especially for parents who are so worried about our children’s future.  

“Local families loved our activity called ‘Be a Climate Hero’ to celebrate the actions that they are taking to try to reduce their impact on the environment. Our ‘hook a duck’ challenge was also really popular for making pledges for climate justice, such as buying second hand or planting a tree. 

“More than 50 families took part, and we had some really interesting conversations with people. It is really clear that local people are worried about this issue, but they want MPs and decision-makers to take action too. We need to transition away from fossil fuels to stand a chance – and it is MPs and businesses that need to be stepping up. 

“Often we as individuals can feel powerless and not know what difference we can make beyond making changes to the food we eat or the things we buy. It’s important to celebrate what we are already doing, but if we come together to put pressure on our local MPs, to demand the government take real action, then we can make a real difference.”  

Another local mum-of-two, Susie Jenkins, said, “It feels like as individuals and families we carry all this guilt about using nappies and plastic pots – and yes we all need to do our bit – but at the same time, the government is giving the go-ahead for new coal mines and oil fields, building new roads and runways, and funding fossil fuel developments overseas which are causing climate breakdown and devastating lives and communities around the world.  

“We want to highlight what we as individuals are already doing, while also saying that MPs and the government need to be held to account to do the right thing too. 

“The UK government must pull the plug on planned new fossil fuel projects here in the UK and overseas – including a coal mine in Cumbria, oil drilling in Surrey, the Cambo oil field near Shetland, and a new gas mega-project in Mozambique. Instead of financing climate-wrecking fossil fuels, the government needs to invest properly in clean energy and green infrastructure that could create over a million new green jobs across the country, and keep our planet safe for our children and future generations.” 

The group activity was part of a COP 26 global day of action on November 6th calling on world governments and corporations to limit global temperature rises to 1.5 degrees and deliver real and fair solutions to the climate crisis.  

Frome Families for the Future plan to take their message to local MP David Warburton later this month, as well as writing to local businesses and decision-makers to demand positive climate policies.  

If any local families would like to get involved in the group please visit their Facebook page:  

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