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Second-hand school uniforms make money for charity

A LOCAL woman is selling second-hand school uniforms to raise money for charity. 

Lesley Keegan’s initiative started last summer, and so far, she has raised over £1,000 for Lisa’s Army UK – the charity set up by Frome mum, Lisa Wells who died in 2019 after being diagnosed with bowel cancer. 

“I was watching the news one evening late in August 2020 and a story came on about two ladies who had come up with the idea of having a second-hand school uniform shop to help people during the pandemic who were in furlough or out of work,” said Lesley. “They were given an empty shop and it all took off from there for them. 

“I turned to my husband and said that I could do that and raise money for Lisa’s Army. I wasn’t working so I asked my daughter-in-law how to do something on Facebook to get people to donate uniforms. She put me on several social media sites and the uniforms started coming in. It was slow to start so I set my target at £100 but then it started taking off and I hit £200 then £300, and it meant I was helping Lisa’s Army to help families. 

“It was going really well and I had lots of stock, so I started doing car boot sales and before I knew it, I had hit £500. I have been doing this for well over a year now and my total is £700 and with a top-up from local supermarket Asda I have hit £1,000.  

“I am still carrying on with it and hope to raise lots more for Lisa’s Army. If anyone has any uniform donations, please contact me on 07964 993092.” 

Lisa’s Army UK gives support to people living with cancer, offering them a range of different experiences such as days out, beauty treatments or photo shoots. For more information visit:

Picture: Lesley Keegan with her stock of second-hand school uniforms.

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