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Progress for Missing Links project

FROME’S Missing Links volunteers and supporters are celebrating another small milestone towards the completion of a traffic-free route between the town and the end of the Colliers Way path at Great Elm.  

Cllr Richard Ackroyd takes part in tree planting.

The group reports, “Thanks to the work of volunteers and generous donations by local businesses the asphalt path at Low Water now extends a further 150m alongside the river to a cattle grid, with further extension work to come.  

“The path opens up multi-user access to the riverside for people of all ages and abilities. Eventually another 200m of riverside path will be created, before returning to the existing route towards Selwood Manor and the railway.  

“We’ve also been tree planting. We added about 600 saplings to form a new hedge beyond the new bit of path at Whatcombe Fields, thanks to Frome Town Council for contributing half of the plants, plus canes and help.  

“Also, to the 30 or so volunteers who came to dig them in on a very cold, snowy and windy morning! This section of path is now open for walking, with great views of the river.” 

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