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Youngster walking 50km for National Deaf Children’s Society

FROME nine-year old, Rory Jones, has already smashed his personal fundraising target to help the charity which meant so much to him – and his mum. 

Rory is walking hard to raise money for the leading charity helping deaf children and young people in the UK and one which offered help and support to both him and his family. 

He has already walked over 14 kilometres and raised over £150 for the National Deaf Children’s Society, and he won’t be sitting down any time soon. He aims to walk a total of 50 kilometres by the end of May. 

Rory attends Avanti Park school, along with his little sister Rosalie who is six years old. 

When Rory was seven-weeks old he was diagnosed with a profound to severe unilateral hearing loss in his left ear. After many years of visiting the audiology departments in St. Martin’s hospital and the Royal United Hospital and after many years of his mum reading the quarterly magazine from the Nation Deaf Children’s Society, Rory finally got his first hearing aid when he was four years old.  

The hearing aid helps immensely and it enables Rory to have surround sound hearing. 

His mum said, ” I remember taking Rory to the woods for the first time after receiving his hearing aid. We listened to the birds and he told me he could hear them ‘all around him’. I still feel emotional thinking about it now.  

“Rory still does need help at times to orientate where sounds are coming from and he does become quite tired at school because he needs to use more energy to focus. However, he is an extremely bright individual who enjoys learning about technology and playing lots in the park after school with his friends. “ 

Rory wants to raise awareness for hearing loss in children and he wants to support the charity which has helped him and his mum throughout the years. 

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