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Frome church marks Fairtrade Fortnight with Big Brew

TO celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight, which is taking place from Monday 27th  February to Sunday 12th  March, Wesley Methodist Church is holding a Big Brew event on Saturday 4th March.

Organisers said, “The Big Brew at Wesley Slope, will take place on Saturday 4th March, 10am to 12.00pm, with hot drinks and yummy cakes available for an optional donation to Transform Trade (formerly Traidcraft Exchange, the charitable arm of Traidcraft). Transform Trade partners with people around the world who are fighting for their communities and finding better ways to trade. There will also be a quiz, a guessing game and a fairtrade stall. Why not come along and support the fight for trade and climate justice?”

“Fairtrade Fortnight aims to spread a simple message; making the small switch to Fairtrade supports producers in protecting the future of some of our most-loved food and the planet. Did you know that coffee, bananas and chocolate could soon be much more difficult to find on our shelves? Climate change is making crops like these harder and harder to grow. Combined with deeply unfair trade, communities growing these crops are being pushed to the brink.

“But here’s the good news. More of us choosing Fairtrade means extra income, power, and support for those communities. By making the small switch to Fairtrade, we can all support producers in protecting the future of some of our most-loved food and the planet.

“Traidcraft plc has recently, very sadly, gone into administration after over 40 years of pioneering fairtrade in the UK. However, thanks in no small part to their efforts, Fairtrade goods are now much more readily available – eg in Oxfam, the Cooperative and some other supermarkets.”

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