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Celebrating volunteers as part of the coronation

Frome Town Council is asking residents to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III by helping others on the one-off bank holiday on Monday 8th May.

As part of a national initiative called the Big Help Out, people up and down the country are being asked by the palace to use the bank holiday to help people in the local community and try their hand at volunteering.

As part of this, the council is also celebrating the town’s volunteers and community groups through the coronation flag project, where community groups and their volunteers have been designing and making their own flags which will be hung up around the town from Friday 28th April. Once the flags are up, the council will produce a map and details of each group and their flag will be put on their website. The flag will adorn the flag poles in the centre of town over the period of the coronation.

Mayor Sara Butler said, “Volunteering and helping our neighbours and communities is becoming ever more important, and this provides an opportunity to get involved no matter what you have to offer or how limited your time might be. Volunteering is excellent for our own well-being as well as others, and it would be great to see this turn into an annual event.  Also don’t forget to come and see the flag pennants created by a host of the town’s voluntary and community groups, which will be decorating our high street and beyond.”

Pictured: One of the community flags.

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