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‘This needs to change’ – residents of Rodden Road join forces in plea for speeding reduction

RESIDENTS of Rodden Road are pleading for speeding to be reduced in the area, following safety concerns over speeding vehicles and pedestrians being unable to cross the road. 

It follows a crash on 19th October when a 20-year-old man was airlifted to hospital with critical injuries when his car collided with a skip lorry in Rodden Road. 

The residents have started a Rodden Road Speed and Safety group and launched a petition, which has gained around 400 signatures, urging Somerset Council to install and enforce safety measures to reduce speeding. Some residents have also joined the Community Speed Watch team. 

“Speeding is something the residents of Rodden Road are extremely passionate about,” says resident Alicia Holden. “The road is consistently busy and congested. To put it plainly, drivers rag up and down this road at what feels like 70mph sometimes.” 

45mph average speed 

The speed limit along Rodden Road is 30mph, but Alicia says the average speeds of vehicles is closer to 45mph. “The road is not designed for this,” she explained. “Cars often park either side of the road, which makes it even more dangerous. As residents, we have been discussing this issue for some time, both before the crash recently and now following it. 

“We want Somerset Council to install speed bumps to slow traffic and to introduce speed cameras.” 

Blind spot 

Another safety issue along Rodden Road is the lack of crossing points. Alicia explained, “There’s nowhere to safely cross on the road, except from all the way at the top. The road is about one mile long. If you live on the bend, you’re on a blind spot and it’s really dangerous to cross here. One side of the road connects over to Rodden Meadow and it’s a walkway used by a lot of people, particularly people walking children to schools in town, you can’t safely get over to the walkway. This needs to change.” 

The residents’ group met with Frome Town councillor, Anita Collier, to discuss their concerns on Thursday 26th October. “One of my passions as an independent Frome Town councillor is to help address road safety issues in and around the town,” she said. 

“As councillor for Berkley Ward, I was yet again dismayed and horrified to hear of the recent accident in Rodden Road. Residents chose to share their stories at a meeting with me about the dangers they face each day, living along Rodden Road. 

“There were tales of high speeds, reckless driving, blind overtaking, poor road visibility due to parked cars and a constant fear for themselves and their children. Following the recent serious collision, it’s imperative that we urge Somerset Council and the police to take preventative action to improve the safety of what is known locally as a ‘rat run’. “Although Frome Town Council has no legal powers in this regard, we will not stop applying pressure to Somerset Council and the police, to address many of the issues around road safety. “Considering the recent incident and other recent near misses, accidents and even fatalities, we as a town need to address road safety as a matter of urgency. I would urge Frome residents to write to their local Somerset councillors and the local MP, Sarah Dyke, asking them to join in the fight.” The residents’ plea for speeding to be addressed follows other residents’ concerns about speeding in the town, particularly on the A361 by-pass, which was the location of a fatal crash where two Frome sisters tragically died earlier this year. Cllr Anita Collier and other Frome Town and Somerset councillors have been urging Somerset Highways to address speeding on the by-pass and improve the safety of the junction where the A361 meets the A362. The residents’ petition can be found at:

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